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Donald Trump Double Stufs Mannings, Williams In DSRL Campaign

August 27, 2009: There's a new player in the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League: Donald Trump. The real estate developer-turned reality show host wants to "buy" the DSRL, which features NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning and tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams as its strategic spokespersons. New advertising features a faux offer by Trump - which harkens back to his recent "attempt" to purchase the WWE's Monday Night Raw - and then adamant rejections to the offer by the Mannings and Williams. The campaign supports the launch of Golden Oreo Double Stuf cookies.

The initial campaign is online at the DSRL Web site, where Trump declares, "I can make the DSRL bigger, better more golden than ever. It's a golden opportunity. I'm buying the Oreo DSRL. I'm taking the DSRL to the next level.' To which the Mannings reply, "The DSRL is not for sale." And the Williams add, "The DSRL is a league of the people."

The theme carries over to a TV spot, breaking Aug. 31. In the TV spot, the Mannings are in Trump's office when he tells them that Oreo has rejected his offer to buy the DSRL. He then challenges the Mannings to a "lick race" for ownership rights. "Mr. Trump," says Peyton, "my brother and I are Double Stuf defending champions and you don't even have a partner." "Yes I do," replies Trump, and out comes comedian and actor Darrell Hammond, who impersonates Trump on NBC's Saturday Night Live. "It's double Trump," claims a shocked Peyton. Subsequent spots will also star Trump and Hammond.

Print and Internet, including a dedicated section at FaceBook, will support. Lead agency is Draftfcb, Chicago.

"We are thrilled for Mr. Trump to put his own creative 'twist' on the league," John Ghingo, senior brand director for Nabisco's Oreo, a division of Kraft Foods, said in a statement. "He is a natural choice for this phase because of his fierce competitive nature and 'golden' touch when it comes to business. It makes sense that the launch of the new Golden Double Stuf Oreo cookies would attract Mr. Trump to the league, helping to expand the DSRL beyond sports into the entertainment and business worlds."


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