Yes, That's Russell Westbrook Working In An OKC Clothing Store For Mtn. Dew 'DTO'
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May 6, 2019:
Last month, Mountain Dew unveiled a campaign, "Dew Time Off," in which celebs replace regular people at their jobs for a day to give them time to do what they want.

The effort began with actor Kevin Hart in a spot, Dew Time Off: Kevin Hart, going to a Philadelphia gym to give Daniel, who manages the front desk, time off, which he spent skateboarding.

In a new spot released today, NBA star Russell Westbrook goes to 1032, a menswear shop in Oklahoma City, giving store manager Michael DTO to enable him to spend time working on designing his own fashion line.

Like Hart — who handed out towels, cleaned the sweat off of exercise equipment and helped find lost items — Westbrook turns his triple-double skills into running a clothing store.

“It’s all about the Dew-ers,” says Westbrook in "Dew Time Off: Russell Westbrook,"  to Michael. “I know you‘re passionate about what you do, so I’m giving you some time off. Go home and do what you do and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“That was crazy,” says Michael. “Russell Westbrook just gave me the day off, so I’m going to work on my clothing line.”

Interspersed with shots of Michael following his passion, Westbrook greets customers, helps people mix-and-match outfits, checks inventory on the computer and keeps the floors clean, all while handing out bottles of Mountain Dew.

“Anything you need, want to buy, come holler at me,” says the Oklahoma City Thunder guard to surprised and bemused customers. “Working, working, working.”

The men's clothing store is apropo as Westbrook has a passion for style and clothing.

The PepsiCo brand said a third installment would soon be released starring a top race-car driver (retired driving icon Dale Earnahdt, Jr. is a Mountain Dew spokesman).

People can also try for their own DTO.

Thru May 27, Mountain Dew is directing people to Instagram or Twitter to tag @MountainDew and #DTOSweepstakes to tell the brand “what you would want to do with a day off of work.” (Details here.)

Lead agency is Golin.

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