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• After two exclusive games on NFL Network, Fox Sports’ 2019 Thursday Night Football presented by Bud Light Platinum schedule begins Sept. 26 with the Philadelphia Eagles at the Green Bay Packers. Fox Sports said it would deliver Thursday Night Football in 4K Ultra High Definition for the NFL’s 100th season, making Thursday night match-ups available through the Fox Sports and Fox Now apps, via Apple TV 4K and select Roku devices. Full story here.

• Tony Wyllie has been named regional president and managing director for Special Olympics North America. Wyllie most recently was svp-communications for the NFL’s Washington Redskins since 2010. His three-decade career also includes PR/communications with the St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams, Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans.

According to Wyllie, “I will use my leadership skills and experience to continue to deliver high-quality competitive sports experiences, attract more resources, and build awareness of Special Olympics. I am excited to work for the six million Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners in the movement for inclusion."

• The Los Angeles Clippers have signed a deal with Los Angeles-based tech firm Honey, which includes naming rights to team's renovated Honey Training Center: Home of the L.A. Clippers and its logo on team practice jerseys. According to Honey, "Ten million-plus members worldwide use Honey's suite of free tools daily to save time and money when shopping online.”

• SoFi Stadium, which will be the new $6 billion home venue for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and Chargers beginning in 2020, will open July 25-26 with two Taylor Swift concerts.

• The Paley Center for Media, NY, will honor the 100th season of the NFL with a new exhibit: "A Century of Football: Celebrating the NFL’s 100th Season," free and open to the public (Sept. 14-Oct. 27), which includes the first public screening of the only known complete broadcast of Super Bowl I (then known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game) in January 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs

• Pete Frates and Pat Quinn, co-founders of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, have launched with The ALS Assn. the 5th anniversary of “Challenge Me” with a “new call to action to reignite the passion and generosity of the millions of people who dumped ice water on their heads in the summer of 2014.”


 Pro Football Hall of Fame First-Time Candidates Class of 2020
• DE John Abraham
• LB Lance Briggs
• WR/Special Teams Josh Cribbs
• RB Maurice Jones-Drew
• S Troy Polamalu
• DE Justin Smith
• WR Reggie Wayne
• LB Patrick Willis

The full list includes 122 players eligible to be selected to next year's class. Full story here.


Top Brands in 2019 Brand Keys “Consumer Loyalty Index”
• Airline: JetBlue
• Athletic Footwear:Nike
* Automotive: Hyundai
• Banks: Chase
• Beer: Corona Extra (regular), Miller Lite (Lite)
• Bottled Water: Dasani
• Casual Dining: Panera
• Coffee (OOH): Dunkin’
• Energy Drinks: Red Bull
• Headphones: Bose
• Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s
• Major League Sports: MLB
• Online Music: Slacker
* Online Retailer: Amazon
• Online Travel Booking:
• Pizza: Domino’s
• QSR: Chick-fil-A
• Retail Sporting Goods: Dick’s
• Social Networking Sites: Instagram
• Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola (regular), Diet Coke
• Tequila: Jose Cuervo
• Ticketing Services: StubHub
• Vodka: Zubrowka
• Whiskey: Jack Daniel’s



Weekend Box Office Sept. 20-22
1. Downton Abbey $31M
2. Ad Astra $19.1M
3. Rambo: Last Blood $19M
4. It 2 $17.2
5. Hustlers $17M
6. Lion King $2.6M
7. Good Boys $2.5M
8. Angel Has Fallen $2.4M
9. Overcomer $1.5M
10. Hobbs & Shaw $1.5M
Source: Box Office Mojo

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Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
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NFL UK 2019
• Oct. 6 Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
• Oct. 13 Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
• Oct. 27  Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Rams Wembley Stadium
• Nov. 3 Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Wembley Stadium

NFL Mexico 2019
• Nov. 18 Kansas City  Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers Mexico City Estadio Azteca (ESPN Monday Night Football).


Q&A: New (Ad)Venture PivottvMedia Is On A Sports And Entertainment Business Mission

By Barry Janoff

August 28, 2019: When Ken Adelson and Terry Lyons both worked at the NBA — Adelson 18 years in production operations and planning, Lyons more than 26 years in marketing and communications — they often talked about working together on their own project.

In September, their many decades of experience will unite as the driving forces behind the launch of PivottvMedia, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, a dedicated Web site and presence on social media (including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

The firm is described as one that would “assist organizations of all sizes with all aspects of production, content branding, content creation, technology, and connect clients with vast distribution via multi-platform marketing, social media outreach and traditional public relations outreach.

And not just in sports.

“Technology is enabling extraordinary change in the sports and entertainment industry landscape,” said Adelson via PivottvMedia.

“Brands, properties, marketers and content creators have a chance to reveal untapped audiences. We can help solve one of the constant dilemmas in the sports and entertainment world, which is to better connect today’s fans and viewers to reach new, core audiences, increase engagement and grow revenue.”

Lyons was head of the NBA’s international communications and public relations efforts from 1992-2008.

Prior to that, he served as the NBA’s director of media relations and communications and was a conduit to USA Basketball for five Olympic Games, including the famed 1992 "Dream Team.”

After leaving the NBA, Lyons launched his own sports media and marketing consulting firm. In 2011, he formed Digital Sports Desk, a sports news and business news site.

In 2018, he co-founded Boston Venture Community Sports.

Among initial PivottvMedia clients is RFC Media, Houston, which has been working with NASA (yes, that NASA) on its owned and operated Third Rock Radio (yes, NASA is in the rock radio business). It is described as “disarmingly hip, street-smart context (and music that) connects and engages young adults and helps NASA deepen relationships with its next generation of avid supporters.”

A recent playlist: Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Sleeper Agent, Bastille and Frank Sinatra (“Fly Me to the Moon,” of course).

NYSportsJournalism spoke with Lyons about PivottvMedia, the NBA and the current and future state of sports and entertainment marketing and business. You could be on a beach watching clouds and waves, so why have Ken Adelson and you decided to undertake this challenge?

Terry Lyons: PivottvMedia was a combination of brainstorming and seeing a need to fill. We worked together a lot at the NBA, and I always enjoyed his company and also working with him on projects. He is so good and organized and has a whole different skill set than I do.

So fast-forward: Ken and I had previously tried to start something with a different concept. But he became involved with the Oklahoma City Thunder when they moved from Seattle and then The Jockey Club (America’s Best Racing), and I had projects I was working on, so we had to put the brakes on what we might do together.

Fast-forward again to earlier this year when we started to talk about concepts for working together, different from the original ideas we had, and we found a way to bridge his skills and expertise and my skills and experience, and come up with what we believe is a unique undertaking, into what has become PivottvMedia.

NYSJ: So as they say, He knows a guy, you know a guy, together you know a lot of influential people. How do you explain what PivottvMedia is and how you can help them and their teams or companies?

TL: If we have to tag if for people, it’s a full-service consultancy that addresses every aspect of what a company would need to do in production, content branding, content creation, technology and connecting clients with vast distribution via multi-platform marketing, social media outreach and traditional public relations outreach.

"I’m very keen on a better use of social media. But it changes every minute, so there is no one definitive answer or solution on how to best use it."

I’m very keen on a better use of social media. But it changes every minute, so there is no one definitive answer or solution on how to best use it. But we are taking about a wider array of social offers, using the expertise that Ken brings in video and production.

We will work with start-ups and mature brands that feel they are not getting it done and are looking for new solutions. So that could include training or brainstorming with their in-house people or PivottvMedia actually coming in handling the work to expand our company.

NYSJ: Right now PivottvMedia is Ken and you?

TL: Just the two of us. After some time, we’ll see where we need to grow and expand. I have to say, after we made the announcement of PivottvMedia at the Sports Video Group’s Sports Content Management and Sports OTT Forums in New York (in July), with the positive response we got, we hit the gas pedal on building the Web site and telling people about our plans and what we can bring to companies.

NYSJ: People back in the day used a Rolodex to keep names, addresses and vital information on cards, so I figure with all of the contacts that Ken and you have, you must have an intense 2019 version of a Rolodex on your computers, laptops and cell phones.

TL: (Laughs) One of my friends, Dave Goldberg, who I know since Holy Trinity High School, recently said to me, ‘You have the best Rolodex in sports.’ But my real Rolodex is in some box in Secaucus (NJ).

NYSJ: Do you have direct competition or are you rethinking it so that you are creating a new category?

TL: The feedback we have been getting has been ‘Great idea! We haven’t seen anything like this.’ For me, it’s our experience and combined background that we believe will have companies thinking out of the box after they speak with us and hear what we can do for them. But you know that tomorrow there will be a company competing against us.

NYSJ: Any insights into what you might talk about behind closed doors?

TL: I’m a big believer in branded steaming radio. It’s a little-known area that has yet to be tapped. We have a firm handshake to work with RFC Media in Houston (which describes itself as a ‘leading developer and publisher of custom produced, content-rich, digital radio stations for brands, events and ideas’).

What beings them to the top of my list right now is they have been working with NASA, doing Third Rock Radio, which is a branded radio station that NASA operates and controls. It’s largely great music. They just did some great promotions tied to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing, part of which I believe was called, ‘Moon Tunes.’ It asked people, ‘What music would you listen to if you were flying to the Moon? How would you program your radio?' They had something like 1.5 million responses.

(Editor’s note: Third Rock Radio’s mantra is: “America’s Space Station. It’s on-going mission is to explore new worlds of music and tell the stories of those who fly, build and dream. Rock radio from space.")

NYSJ: What makes branded streaming radio stand out for you?

TL: That type of promotion is not only under-utilized in sports but is not utilized in sports at the moment. I see it as a huge opportunity. We’ll be coming out of the box representing RFC Media, building branded radio for entities. The opportunity is unlimited. Say, just as an example, the NBA signs a sponsor. They are going to advertise on NBA TV and other traditional NBA partners. Sometimes there is a bucket of money to put behind activation, sometimes millions. So we see splicing some of that off to activate where the cool audience is, beyond talking about who should be the starting point guard for a team. This is about great music and reaching an active audicence.

NYSJ: How do you envision this category moving forward?

TL: In sports, whoever the client my be, you have very willing participants, whether they be players, cheerleading squads, you name it, across the entire organization, that say ‘This is what I’ve been listening to this week. This is my hot playlist.’

So working with RFC Media I can picture people walking into Fenway Park listening to Fenway Park Rock Radio. Boston Marathon Rock Radio — what people listen to when they are running the Marathon. Madison Square Garden Rock Radio.

NYSJ: Would that be a good example of what you might present to a company or potential client?

TL: PivottvMedia can brainstorm a hundred great ideas. We want to see what’s next. Sports and music are very connected, and we see a great opportunity for growth and creativity. There are thousands of people at teams and leagues who are much smarter than us, and they will come up with great ideas that are good for their team and players and market when we sit down with them to brainstorm.

NYSJ: Do you see PivottvMedia offering its services to up-and-coming companies, established companies or companies that have been underserved or want to go in a new direction?

TL: (Laughs) Yes to all of those. I don’t know what order that would be. And working with media entities that have been started by and are driving by athletes, such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, as examples. And the mainstream motion picture industry when they cross-promote with a sports angle.

"Our approach will connect every aspect of production, technology, marketing, PR and social media outreach to engage fans and future customers."

NYSJ: You were with the NBA when the players began to see themselves as more than athletes and started to incorporate music, fashion, movies and other aspects into their lives, knowing that they had a strong fan base who could become consumers.

TL: The saying is that movie stars want to be athletes and athletes want to be movie stars. The NBA helped to open up many doors not just for its players but for all athletes. What I admire about the NBA is that with (former commissioner) David Stern and now Adam Silver, they are open to listening to ideas. And also give credit to the National Basketball Players Assn. and (NBPA president) Chris Paul. They realized that there was so much opportunity for their members.

NYSJ: The NBA has also been influential in breaking down the traditional idea of what constitutes a small market, so you can work with teams from San Antonio and Portland and have a global impact, which is a great benefit to PivottvMedia.

TL: There is no such thing as a small market anymore. You can go to any town in Spain and say San Antonio Spurs and people will respond 'Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili.' The Green Bay Packers have done that in the NFL, but the NBA has truly become global because it actively seeks and signs international players. And they have offices and play in Europe and China, Africa, elsewhere.

When we were doing the first NBA China Game in 2004, there wasn’t one second of doubt that it was going to be the greatest event the NBA had done in China. No doubt. It showed people you can do it.

NYSJ: It does seem as if the background and experiences Ken and you have with the NBA and elsewhere has the potential to translate very well into opportunities for PivottvMedia.

TL:  Not to pat myself on the back, but I am very confident in what we are doing and what we can bring to entities, not just in sports but in all areas. It comes from experience and from building trust in people. We will suggest things we feel will work and tell them if we feel something might not work. We both know people and they know people, and we believe we can put the right people together to make it work.

NYSJ: Was there brainstorming over the name PivottvMedia?

TL: (Laughs) Yes, A lot of it. We thought long and hard over the name and the design of the name. The word ‘Pivot’ and our insertion of ‘OTT’ tells a story. It doesn’t discount the past or the traditional, as live sports production and real-time social media outreach are the mainstays of communication. Instead, our approach — our pivot — will connect every aspect of production, technology, marketing, PR and social media outreach to engage fans and future customers.

Talking about a Rolodex, when we were thinking about the name and design, I called a  dear friend of mine who I’ve known since first grade and who became a graphic designer, Audrey Dombrowski, who owns Jade Design (Bradenton, Fla.) and she became the graphic designer for Pivottvmedia. So my point is, you never know where ideas will come from and how they will evolve.

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