Mountain Dew Has New Look, New ‘Fade Away’ Campaign Ads, Sean Malto
Monday, January 9, 2017 at 10:50PM in Ad Campaigns, Mountain Dew, Sean Malto, ad campaigns, sports marketing

By Barry Janoff

January 9, 2017: In what it said will be part of a major move to create a new worldwide "unified visual identity for the brand," Mountain Dew has unveiled a multi-platform campaign, "Fade Away," but retaining the familiar mantra, "Do the Dew."

The effort will be anchored by a series of spots starring pro skateboarder Sean Malto and other action sports athletes. The first shows Malto, who has been with Mountain Dew since 2013, and friends doing tricks in a parking garage, including Malto skateboarding over the roof of a car.

The campaign, which will appear in more than 20 countries throughout the year, is "heavily optimized for social and mobile," according to the brand.

In the U.S. that will include launching via a vertical video format on Malto’s Facebook page, where he has more than one million followers; and on his Twitter destination, where he has more than 238,000 followers.

Mountain Dew said it also would use such platforms as Snapchat, Facebook Live, Facebook Video and Instagram Stories to "visualize the feeling of doing, and engage the Dew Nation to share their own exhilarating experiences."

In Malto’s first spot, shot to visually highlight his skills (enhanced by a distinct soundtrack), text offers, "Feel everything fade away. There’s no feeling like doing. Do the Dew."

According to Mountain Dew, a division of PepsiCo, "Doing the Dew is about the journey, not the destination. It’s about the skater, the player. Not the trick, not the shot. Doing the Dew is a feeling like none other, and that’s what 'there’s no feeling like doing' is all about." 

Mountain Dew’s new visual identity will encompass packaging, retail displays and brand creative. It features what the brand describes as a "refreshed neon green color palette and kinetic graphic elements that elevate Dew’s look to be as dynamic and refreshing as the taste of Dew itself.”

"The Dew Nation is into a wide array of activities from action sports to gaming," Greg Lyons, svp-marketing for Mountain Dew, North America, said in a statement. "Besides their love of Mountain Dew, what truly unites them is the idea of chasing a feeling. A feeling you only get from doing something exhilarating.

“Whether it's the thrill you get when you land a kickflip or the rush from completing a set on stage, this campaign is a celebration of the feeling of doing." 

Mountain Dew spokespersons also include NBA players Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Julius Randle.

"Knowing that the majority of our millennial consumers see messages first in the palm of their hand, it's no longer about figuring out how creative can be optimized for mobile at the end of production, but now how it can be designed to thrive in mobile from the outset," said Lyons.

"As the Dew Nation continues to evolve, so do we," said Lyons. "We are updating our packaging to not only reflect the energy and refreshing attitude of our brand, but of Mountain Dew drinkers everywhere."

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