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Mission Athletecare's New Cool Sports Product Tackles Problem Of Overheating 

By Barry Janoff

April 26, 2012: Mission Athletecare, the company whose products are conceived and created in partnership with such current and former pro athletes as Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Serena Williams, Mia Hamm and Billy Jean King, is about to unleash its latest innovation on the world of sports.

The EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel is being described as a towel made from a proprietary fabric that "delivers fast, long-lasting cooling effects to enhance performance and combat overheating for all athletes at all levels of play."

The EnduraCool towel absorbs water and, when activated by snapping or stretching it, cools the towel down to 59 degrees. Worn around the neck, head or shoulders, the cooling effect "lasts for hours" and also provides protection from the sun via an ultraviolet protection factor, according to the company.

Mission Atlhletecare said this product made it from R&D to market via the combined efforts of Dwight Howard, Sergio Garcia, Georges St-Pierre and Williams. All of the athletes involved with the company are described and partners in addition to marketing spokespersons.

The company plans to get the word out via social media, POP and activation including in-store demonstrations by athletes. St-Pierre is scheduled to appear at a Sports Authority location in New York tonight (April 26) to demonstrate EnduraCool and sign autographs.

Marketing will feature the four athletes with the text, "Field-tested and used by . . ." followed by each athlete's name.

In a supporting video for EnduraCool, Howard dunks the towel in water that he says is 91 degrees. After stretching the towel, it cools down to 56 degrees in a few minutes. "This is one of the best things ever invented," offers Howard. "If you are working out and it's really hot outside, football practice in the sun — you know how those coaches can be sometimes. The EnduraCool towel will cool you off."

According to Serena Williams, "The first time the lab team demonstrated the technology, I was blown away. The opportunity for this technology in tennis is huge. When we have a break in between matches, we need to cool down fast."

Several of Mission Athletecare products are officially endorsed by the NBA, including Court Grip and Power Grip. Mission Athletecare said that following the success of those products, EnduraCool has "has all the right ingredients [to be] our next game-changer in the market."

"We did extensive research among athletes, trainers and coaches in our development process," said Mark French, head of corporate development and innovation for New York-based Mission Athletecare. "[They told us that] with the exception of concussions, overheating has quickly become one of the most pervasion sports injuries facing athletes. EnduraCool uses a proprietary technology to give athletes and intelligent way to cool down, cotter during and after competition."

Mission Atheltecare's roster also includes Steve Nash, Amanda Beard, David Wright, Gretchen Bleiler, Ryan Sheckler and Sarah Haskins.

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