NFL QB Mahomes Signs With Head & Shoulders, Takes On Hair-Raising Debate
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By Barry Janoff

August 20, 2019: What do Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and two-time Super Bowl winner and retired NFL safety Troy Polamalu have to do with clean hair, debates and 1980s sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”?

Everything, as far as a new campaign from Head & Shoulders is concerned.

A lot of people are saying that Mahomes, named league MVP last season, is a quarterback who may be head-and-shoulders above the rest.

That’s up for debate, the theme of the multi-media Head & Shoulders effort with new spokesperson Mahomes and veteran spokesman Polamalu.

Mahomes takes the offense side of the official shampoo for the NFL, saying, “Using Head & Shoulders every day is like great offense for my hair.”

Polamalu, who played his entire 12-year career with the Steelers, winning Super Bowls XL and XLIII, retorts, “No, it’s great defense against flakes.”

The campaign is anchored by a spot, ”Offense vs Defense,” in which the pair take opposite sides on other issues.

Mahomes: “Boxers.”

Polamalu: “Briefs.”

Mahomes: “Yin.”

Polamalu: “Yang.”

Mahomes: “Jif.”

Polamalu: “Gif.”

Mahomes: “Shaken”

Polamalu: “Stirred.”

Then, referring to the “Laverne & Shirley” theme song, “Making Our Dreams Come True,” Mahomes offers “Shlemiel,” while Polamalu replies, ”Schlemazel.”

Neither of them say, “Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.”

In a football debate, Mahomes on offense says “Touchdown,” while Polamlu counters with “Turnover.”

Mahomes comes back with “MVP” while Polamalu has the final say: “Super Bowl champ . . .  twice.”

As Polamalu’s vast mane of hair blows in the wind, they agree to disagree: Offense for great hair, defense against flakes.

Head & Shoulders said over the course of the NFL season it would be “engaging players, experts, coaches and fans to get involved in settling the debate once and for all with social content and live activations.”

“I’ve always been a fan of Head & Shoulders. I use the shampoo daily and grew up watching the brand work with some real NFL legends,” Mahomes said via the Procter & Gamble brand.

“I’m 100% team offense! If my squad can attack defenses and score points like Head & Shoulders attacks flakes, I’m confident in our ability to win games this season.”

Mahomes also has deals that include Hunt’s Ketchup, adidas, Essentia water and Oakley. He is on the cover of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 20.

Mahomes Goes From Madden Player To Madden Cover

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