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Nike, Kobe Shine In The Spotlight Of NBA All-Star Hollywood Activation

By Barry Janoff, Executive Editor

February 21, 2011: The Western Conference may have beaten the East, 148-143, in the 60th NBA All-Star Game, but it was Nike and Kobe Bryant that came out the big winners.

Among the starting ten players, 70% were wearing Nike or Nike division Jordan Brand shoes, including game MVP Bryant. In addition, six of the seven Eastern Conference reserves wore Nikes as did six of the Western Conference seven reserve players.

And in the Saturday night skills events, Blake Griffin (Slam Dunk), Russell Westbrook (Skills Challenge) and James Jones (Three-Point Contest) all did so in Nikes.

Adidas came in second on the All-Star roster via Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose and Tim Duncan. Shoes from China filled out the line ups via Kevin Garnett (Anta) and Kevin Love (Peak).

And in the Hollywood is how we roll category, Nike teamed with Kobe Bryant and director Robert Rodruguez to premiere the six-minute concept film, The Black Mamba, in Los Angeles area movie theaters. The film, which was preceded nationwide by a series of TV ads, stars Bryant, Bruce Willis, Kanye West and Danny Trejo.

Bryant also became the first athlete to be honored at Grauman's Chinese Theatre when his hands and Nike-clad feet were immortalized in cement on Feb. 19.

The Black Mamba was first shown before PG13 and R-rated films in Los Angeles-based Screenvision theatres on Feb. 19. It will continue its exclusive Screenvision in-cinema engagement through Feb. 24. The film also is being show online. (See it here.)

The film supports the release of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI. Also being released is a limited-edition set of Zoom Kobe VI sneakers, the Neighborhood Pack, which include three variations of the Zoom Kobe VI that represents different parts of the Los Angeles: East L.A., which is accentuated by  Dodger Blue; Hollywood,  and Orange County, which features a reptile print that turns 3-D when seen through a pair of 3-D glasses that come with the shoes, as well as soles designed to resemble a yellow and orange sunset.

"Product placement gives us a bigger budget. Bigger budget — bigger explosions!"

The Zoom Kobe VI shoes are featured throughout The Black Mamba because, as Rodriguez put it, "Product placement gives us a bigger budget. Bigger budget — bigger explosions!"

Ultimately, besides selling shoes, the moral of the story, as Bryant and Rodriguez explain, "Heroes come and go. But legends are forever."

Who Wore What At The 2011 NBA All-Star Game:

Dwight Howard adidas
Dwyane Wade Nike/Jordan Brand
Amar'e Stoudemire Nike
LeBron James Nike
Derrick Rose adidas

Ray Allen Nike/Jordan Brand, Kevin Garnett Anta (China), Al Horford Nike, Joe Johnson Nike/Jordan Brand, Paul Pierce Nike, Rajon Rondo Nike, Chris Bosh Nike

Kobe Bryant Nike
Chris Paul Nike/Jordan Brand
Kevin Durant Nike
Carmelo Anthony Nike/Jordan Brand
Tim Duncan adidas

Manu Ginobili Nike, Pau Gasol Nike, Kevin Love Peak (China), Dirk Nowitzki Nike, Russell Westbrook Nike, Deron Williams Nike, Blake Griffin Nike´╗┐

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