NBA's Draymond Green Finds Kevin Hart Is Friend And Foot Locker (Fashion) Faux
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By Barry Janoff

February 2, 2016: For some people in Hollywood, Kevin Hart is a friend.

For Foot Locker, he is a fashion faux.

The actor-comic makes his debut for Foot Locker in a new humorous campaign, and he's brought a friend with him — Draymond Green from the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, who is also making his initial appearance for the sports footwear and apparel retailer.

Hart appears in two new spots as part of the brand's "Hottest Month" effort, one for Foot Locker and one for the company's Kids Foot Locker, the latter starring a young actor who plays the role of Hart's real-life son, Hendrix.

Although mainly fronted by pro athletes, Hart is following in the footsteps of fellow actor-comic Tracy Morgan, who appeared in Foot Locker ads as part of the brand's "Week of Greatness" push this past November.

Hart is currently starring in Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube. He also stars in a new spot from Hyundai, "First Date," that will air during Super Bowl 50.

Foot Locker's campaign support includes Internet, social media and POP.

Green — whose, teammate, Stephen Curry, has also appeared in Foot Locker creative (most recently "Game Film") — is taken on a sneak-peek tour of Hart's fashion line, in which the "Collection" is more junkyard dog than catwalk style.

The reason? "I know you NBA guys love fashion," Hart says to Green.

"But this is extremely weird," says Green.

Despite his enthusiasm, Hart cannot put it past Green that the 'fashion" includes a guy wearing a shirt made from shrubbery, another with an LED sign wrapped around his upper torso that flashes the word "shirt" and another whose real face pushes through a framed picture of a man wearing a suit.

"Draymond, I am oozing with creativity right now," Hart says of his fashion. "Ideas are just poppin' out. I know what I'm doing. I'm in my prime. If I was a steak, right now is the time to eat me."

To save Hart from embarrassment, Green reminds him that February is Foot Locker's month with all the new gear, and not an ideal time to premier his own fashion line.

Hart takes Green's advice and changes his line — to Foot Locker merchandise. A faux entertainment newscast explains that Foot Locker is suing Hart "for passing their February collection off as his own."

Upon hearing of the impending "lawsuit," Hart exclaims to reporters, "This was Draymond Green's idea. He physically intimidated me."

To make certain that his alibi gets proper coverage, Hart says to the reporters, "You spell that with a capital D, r, a, y . . . mond." (See the full spot here.)

Hart doesn't fare much better with fashion in "Borrowed," where a kid actor portraying Hendrix (Hart's eight-year-old son) accuses him of taking his stuff.

"Dad, are you wearing my new gear?" the kid asks Hart, who is outfitted in a Foot Locker T-shirt, sweats and basketball shoes.

"No," replies Hart. "What are you taking about?"

"You know Kids Foot Locker gets hot gear in February," the kid replies.

"Adult Foot Locker gets new gear, too," says Hart. "Where's this coming from?"

"Ideas are just poppin' out. I know what I'm doing. I'm in my prime. If I was a steak, right now is the time to eat me."

"Because we wear the same size," the kid says to the 5'4" Hart. The kid then looks at the inside of the Nike T-shirt Hart is wearing and finds his own name written there with marker. "Dad!"

"We don't wear the same size," bemoans Hart. "You're small. I'm petite. Petite is a cooler version of small . . .  I wear your clothes because I look better in them." (See the full spot here.)

Both spots fall under Foot Locker's umbrella tag, "If It's Here It's Approved." Lead agency is BBDO, NY.

"Kevin Hart and Draymond Green have been great to work with and we're pleased with the entertaining outcome of both spots," Stacy Cunningham, evp-marketing for Foot Locker, said in a statement. "February is an exciting month for us, at both Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker, and this campaign highlights some of the fresh new gear we're showcasing this month. It's a great way to kick off our 'Hottest Month of the Year.'"

"Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker are taking February to a whole new level with these great spots," said Hart, "Being able to work on two completely different commercials was a fun way to highlight their newest collections."

"Appearing in a commercial with a comedic talent like Kevin Hart is an honor for me," said Green. "Plus I got a sneak peek of Foot Locker's hottest gear, and the opportunity to help kick off this amazing month."

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