Troy Polamalu Has Another Hair-Raising Ad-Venture For Head & Shoulders
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By Barry Janoff

August 27, 2013: All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu is having a very good hair day. And thanks to Head & Shoulders, so is one of his teammates.

Polamalu, entering his 11th season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and fifth as a spokesman for Procter & Gamble's Head & Shoulders for Men, stars in a new series of commercials that. In keeping with the brand's storyline for Polamalu, the campaign features his signature hairstyle in several scenarios.

Last year, Head & Shoulders had Prof. Polamalu explain the benefits of the product to consumers through a campaign anchored by the Troy Polamalu School of Deeper Learning.

Throughout the 2013 NFL season, Head & Shoulders said it would bring several extreme torture tests to life via humorous spots, showing that "even under the toughest conditions . . . Head & Shoulders for Men takes your hair and scalp to another level."

In the anchor spot, Polamalu is in the Steelers' locker room having just played a game. A teammate complains that he has a tough post-game life because he gets "helmet hair." Polamalu explains about Head & Shoulders and then offers to help the guy. He takes the bushy main off his head as if it were a helmet, which unveils a brilliant inner light, and places it on his teammate's head.

The guy gets an award for "Best Hair in the NFL," drives a sports car with a beautiful woman in the passenger's seat and has an overall better life. Tunrs out the vision was a dream —but the guy with the bad hair gets the point. (See the full spot here.)

This spot apparently was filmed before the Steelers acquired running back Felix Jones from the Philadelphia Eagles.

The guy in the commercial, who is not a member of the Steelers, wears No. 38, which was unused until late last week. That number is now worn by Felix Jones, who became a member of the Pittsburgh backfield on Aug. 23.

Other spots run Polamalu through "Polamology Field Tests." In "Clean Box," a female product tester is glowing over the fact that Polamalu's head, which is in a box in front of her, has such great hair. "I will keep you in the laboratory with me all the time. You will be released only for sports events. And you will love me."

"In the Thick" implies that Polamalu's hair is so rich and thick that a jungle explorer can hide in it. "Fan" finds a timid lab assistant unable to resister herself from becoming enamored with Polamalu after she smells his hair.

The spots end with Polamalu saying, "Troy tested and approved."

P&G is in its fifth season as an official NFL partner, which also includes such brands as Tide, Duracell, Gillette, Old Spice and Febreze.

Professor Polamalu Schools Consumers For Head & Shoulders

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