Kris Humphries Channels Inner Kim Kardashian In Foot Locker Campaign
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By Barry Janoff

January 31, 2013: When James Harden retires from scoring points and handing out assists in the NBA, he could have a successful career scoring points in Hollywood.

Last year, Harden starred in a humorous Foot Locker commercial with then Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook, "Tear Away," in which Westbrook keeps squirting Harden with mustard, but Harden is unphased because he is wearing several layers of tear-away T-shirts, sweatpants and even a tearaway beard.

Harden, now a member of the Houston Rockets, takes another turn at showing his on-screen chops in another humorous Foot Locker spot.

This time, he is paired up with Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets. Humphries, who for a short time was married to Kim Kardashian and who continues to take abuse in some quarters where he is perceived as being the cause of the breakup, plays off of the celebrity-vanity scenario in the ad.

The commercial, "James Harden Entourage-Mirror," from BBDO, NY, is part of a larger campaign from Foot Locker to tell consumers that is is "bringing new heat" every day, even in winter. Support also includes in-store and Internet, with social media destinations at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The spot opens with Harden and his entourage at a party. Unfortunately, one of the crew has broken Rule No. 1: Don't wear the same basketball shoes two days in a row. "Yo, Dee, you wore those shoes yesterday," Harden says to his friend. Another member of Harden's entourage explains, "You know that Foot Locker is bringing new heat every day."

He then warns Dee about the ramifications and what happened to Maurice, the last guy to break Rule No. 1.

"I traded him to Kris Humphries' entourage," Harden says with a scowl.

That puts a look of fear on Dee's face, which leads to a scene that reveals Maurice's fate.

In Humprhies' bedroom, Maurice is watching Kris stare into a full-length mirror. He least concern is Foot Locker kicks.

"You know what I see in that mirror?" one of Humphries' sidekicks says to him. "I see a changed man."

"What do you see, Maurice?" Humprhies asks.

"I see . . .  a guy," a despondent Maurice stammers. "A . . . cool guy."

The entourage agrees. "A cool guy." (See the full spot here.)

The fate of Maurice continues on Twitter, where visitors to @HelpMaurice can track the moves the unintended member of Humphries' crew.

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