Danica Patrick Has All The Right "Movies" In GoDaddy Super Bowl XLIV Spot
Friday, January 15, 2010 at 10:32AM
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January 15, 2010: Few marketers can take advantage of and expand the coverage of the Super Bowl spotlight like GoDaddy, which annually gets as much media and consumer attention for the ads and scenes it doesn't show as much for the ones it does.

The Internet domain registrar is already up-and-running with one of its two spots scheduled to air on CBS during Super Bowl XLIV. The star again is race car driver Danica Patrick, who in "Movies" gets to channel two sexy actresses: Kelly LeBrock from the film Weird Science and Jennifer Beals from the scene in Flashdance when she adds some inventiveness during a dance sequence by getting doused by water. (TV version of "Movies" is here.)

As per GoDaddy tactics, viewers are directed to the company's Web site to see a scene deemed "too hot" for TV. There, Patrick reenacts the classic Marilyn Monroe scene from The Seven Year Itch when she stands over a subway grating in New York and her dress billows upward from a rush of air.

GoDaddy will air one 30-second spot during the first quarter of the game and one during the fourth quarter. The spots were created in-house by GoDaddy Productions. The company said that three spots were approved by CBS for airing but it has not yet released the second spot to air.

Spend was not disclosed, but CBS is asking $2.5-2.8 million per 30 seconds, although multiple buys such as GoDaddy's may not hit the high end.

This will be GoDaddy's sixth successive Super Bowl appearance. IndyCar driver Patrick is scheduled to participate in her first stock car race on Feb. 6 in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at  Daytona International Speedway, part of the Arca Racing Series Presented by Re/Max, the day before the Super Bowl, with GoDaddy as lead sponsor. GoDaddy did not indicate whether the "Movies" spot or another spot starring Patrick would run during that telecast on Speed TV.

In "Movies," two guys on a laptop are using GoDaddy to create a domain name. One guy types in "SmokingHotDreamGirl," which causes Patrick to appear on screen as LeBrock's computer-created Lisa in Weird Science. Quoting a famous line from the film, Patrick asks, "So, do you little maniacs want another domain name?" They then type in "SmokingHotDance," and Patrick gets soaked with water from the Flashdance sequence. The spot then directs viewers to GoDaddy.com "to see what happens next."

"This is our best work ever," Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of GoDaddy said in a statement. "We thought we'd pay homage to some of these classic movie scenes with our iconic role model and add our traditional 'GoDaddy-esque' touch."

According to Patrick, "All of our new commercials are visually beautiful and very funny. These ads are all top-notch, but the Internet-only version of "Movies" is definitely my favorite." Patrick recently signed a deal with GoDaddy extending their alliance into 2012.

Parsons confirmed Patrick's assessment. "The Internet-only version version of 'Movies' with Danica as Marilyn Monroe is smokin' hot and I predict people of all ages are going to enjoy our GoDaddy Girl as 'the girl' from The Seven Year Itch for years to come."

On a more serious note, GoDaddy said it has donated $500,000 to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

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