Bartolo Colon: Man, Myth, MLB Pitcher, Exercise Guru, Kingsford Charcoal Griller
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By Barry Janoff

September 27, 2018: In 2017, 6'2” 325 lb. veteran NFL defensive lineman Vince Wilfork revealed in a Kingsford Charcoal spot that he was retiring from pro football, which was an organic (if not unconventional) tactic because Wilfork is a self-professed lover of barbecue.

“No more cleats,” bellows Wilfork, dancing around shirtless and wearing denim overalls, “I’m moving on to smoked meats.”

Now, Kingsford has taken its quirky sports sense of humor to MLB.

Kingsford, a division of The Clorox Co. in its first season as an official partner with MLB, has unveiled “No Off-Season” starring Bartolo Colon, who this season pitched for the Texas Rangers — his 21st season in MLB.

Colon, like Wilfork, is an admitted lover of barbecue. He also is somewhat of a baseball icon, given the fact that he is a 5’11”, 285 lb. 45-year old athlete competing with much younger players, some of whom where still in diapers when he began his MLB career in 1997.

Which is exactly the point of the ad.

“Bartolo, man, it’s been a pleasure,” says teammate Delino DeShields as they stand in a locker room. “How do you do it? You’re 45!”

“Twenty-one years,” says Colon. “No days off.”

The scene then shifts to an outdoor barbecue, where we see Colon, wearing a hat that reads “Ribs”,  going through his workout routine.

That includes doing squats with a 100-lb. hog on his shoulders, weight-lifting with bags of Kingsford charcoal, doing arm curls by bringing cooked ribs up to his mouth and building his shoulder muscles by opening and closing the lid to his grill while cooking a chuck shoulder roast.

His final exercise: Jiggling his prominent belly.

The scene then cuts back to the locker room.

Amigo,” Colon says to DeShields, “Off-season no existe.”

“How do you do it?” DeShields asks again. “You’re (effin) old, bro,” as they both laugh.

Text offers, “Stay stoked all year,” with the hash tags, #NoOffSeason.”

The spot had more than 560,000 views its first day, including one from New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard: “Teach me the way of the GOAT.”

MLB itself replied, “Stay stoked. Keep grilling. No. Days. Off.”

According to Colon the spot was filmed in earlier this month in the Rangers’ Globe Life Park as well as a home in Dallas.

“I liked every part of doing it," Colon told the Dallas Morning News. “It was fun. That pig was definitely cold, but I had fun doing it.

“I ate a lot of [barbecue] this year. We cooked a lot of it for this commercial. Everything we did was real."

Colon made his debut in the majors in April 1997 has played for 11 different teams. He said he plans to play ball in his native Dominican Republic during the off-season and return to MLB in 2019.

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